Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Temperance Hat" - The Pattern

Now available as a PDF. download now

I'm using Caron Simply Soft Eco and size 8 circular needles. 

  •  Cast on 90 stitches. (This will decrease to 88 stitches after the ribbing)
  • Work in K4P2 ribbing for about 4 inches (for me that is 24 rows). You will start with knit 4 and end with purl 2. 
  • On row 25, or the next row after your ribbing, you will decrease by 2 stitches to get 88 stitches. Once with your first knit stitch and once in the middle of your hat with another knit stitch. C6F, P1, K2tog, P1, K1, P1. *C6F, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1*. Repeat in *-* 2 more times. **C6F, P1, K2tog, P1, K1, P1.  Repeat from ** to end of round. I put a stitch marker in front of every C6F to make it easier for me to remember.

  1. Rows 1-6: *K6, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1. Repeat to end of round.
  2. Row 7: *C6F, P1, K1, P1, K1, P1. Repeat to end of round.
  • Continue with steps 1&2 four more times. (You can do 5 more times if you wish. I will do this on my next one as i like them a little longer).  You should have 5 cables high and 8 around your hat.


Row 1: *K6, P1, K1, K2tog, P1. Repeat from * to end of round. (80 stitches)
Row 2 & 3: *K6, P1, K2, P1. Repeat from * to end of round.
Row 4: *K6, P1, K2tog, P1. Repeat from * to end of round. (72 stitches)
Row 5 & 6: *K6, P1, K1, P1. Repeat from * to end of round.
Row 7: *C6F, K2tog, P1. Repeat from * to end of round. (64 stitches)
Row 8 & 9: *K6, K1, P1. Repeat from * to end of round.
Row 10: *K6, P2tog. Repeat from * to end of round. (56 stitches)
Row 11 & 12: *K6, P1. Repeat from * to end of round.
Row 13: *K5, K2tog. Repeat from * to end of round. (48 stitches)
Row 14: C6F all the way around.
Row 15: Knit.
Row 16: *SSK, K2, K2tog. Repeat from * to end of round. (32 stitches)
Row 17: *SSK, K2tog. Repeat from * to end of round. (16 stitches)
Row 18: *SSK. Repeat from * to end of round. (8 stitches)

Cut yarn and thread through remaining 8 stitches, pulling them snug. Thread through them again to secure. Weave in remaining yarn.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

My "Bones" Hat

When watching Bones, i fell in LOVE with the hat Brennan was wearing in several episodes.

I found the pattern "Lucky 7 Hat" on Ravelry and decided to modify it a bit to get it closer to this hat. It looks like the brim is k4p2 ribbing and the upper part between cables looks like P1 K1 P1 K1 P1. Instead of doing 7 cables around and high, i'm going to do 8. There will be 8 sections between the non cabled parts that are 5 stitches each so 40 stitches. And 8 cables of 6 stitches each, so 48 stitches. So that's 88 total stitches.  CO 90, so you begin with knit4 and end with purl 2. I'll have to decrease by 2 stitches in the round after the ribbing. (hmm, stitches 2&3 for the first K1, and another 2 stitches towards the middle for a K1 stitch).

I'm scared i'm going to get through the ribbing (like 4in) and find out that i messed up my thinking and will have to frog it.

I guess we'll find out!

I'm using Caron Simply Soft Eco in black and size 8 needles. I'll update when i get through the ribbing.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Aubree's Hat

I made the chart for this hat not knowing who it was going to, except that it would be for a baby girl since it has flowers. When i found out that my cousin was expecting a baby girl in January, i knew this was the hat she would get. This is my first chart design.

Here's the Ravelry link - Hat for Aubree

If making an newborn hat, the chart will go twice around. You'll need 2 colors. I used a natural colored yarn and a deep purple. When following the chart at the beginning and end of a row, follow the placements on the chart rather than the stitch numbers or it will come out a couple stitches crooked. Not sure how to fix it, but it you follow the stitch placements on the chart, it will come out right. The last 2 stitches of the chart will always be in the main color, except the 1st and last row where you alternate MC & CC every other row.

I hope that doesn't sound too complicated, it really isn't!

Here's the pattern i made to go along with it. It should fit a newborn baby. The stranding makes it double thick, great for cold winters!

I used size 6 circulars and DPNs and worsted weight yarn. I used about half a skein of the MC and not very much of the CC. You could probably get 2 hats out of the MC.

Cast on 72.
Do 2x2 ribbing for 5 rounds (just under 1in).
Round 6 - knit
Start chart with round 7.
After last row on chart, knit 1 row in MC.
knit 5, k2tog
knit 4, k2tog
knit 3, k2tog
knit 2, k2tog
knit 1, k2tog
break yarn and pull through remaining loops. weave in ends.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Bad blogger!

It seems i've neglected this for almost 8 months..oops! I've been doing a lot of genealogy work during that time and i was without internet for 2 months too. I have almost 2000 people in my tree now and growing! I've also decided recently that i don't really want to be a midwife anymore. I'm going to go back to school for Anthropology. I think this is a better fit for me. I still love midwifery, but i think i'd do better in Anthropology. I have to talk to an adviser at the local community college to see what i need to do and if there are any classes i can take there that i'll need at the localish big college. I also need to look for scholarships and financial aid. This is scary for this BIG introvert, but exciting as well. After 5 years of not being in school, i hope i do well!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Medecins Sans Fontieres

So today i was looking through the Medecins Sans Fontieres website, just browsing the different sections, i haven't looked in a while. Well, i saw that they urgently need midwives, so i started thinking that this might be something that i'd really like to do in a few years once i get through school and get certified. I'll have to think more on it as this isn't something you can just jump into (and it looks to be a longish process, with interviews and such). They'd pay for the trip there and back as well as food, shelter and insurance. I think it would fulfill my urge to serve people, so i guess i have a lot of thinking to do in a few years. Just thinking out loud here.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Sorry i haven't posted in so long! A lot has been going on. I moved back with my mom last month! I also became an auntie on 26th Dec! "Lala" was 6lbs 4oz and 19in. She's just gorgeous! I've been knitting and crocheting some things for her since i found out she was a girl. I made her 2 hats; one crochet and one knit. And i've decided yesterday that sweetness needs a knit blankie from auntie Shelby. I've been working on that a lot and just got to the patterned part, it has to be done by Feb when i'll be seeing her. I can't wait! I've also started her library. I got her "Guess How Much I Love You" & "The Little Red Caboose", with plans of getting her lots more books and going through my old books to give her.

I'm also planning on reading a lot more this year. I've been spending too much time on the computer. I've set my goal for 25 books, but hope to read more. Unfortunately, all of my books are at my grandparents house, but i'll be getting some of them hopefully this month. Between reading, knitting/crocheting and working, i'll be one very busy girl!