Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Medecins Sans Fontieres

So today i was looking through the Medecins Sans Fontieres website, just browsing the different sections, i haven't looked in a while. Well, i saw that they urgently need midwives, so i started thinking that this might be something that i'd really like to do in a few years once i get through school and get certified. I'll have to think more on it as this isn't something you can just jump into (and it looks to be a longish process, with interviews and such). They'd pay for the trip there and back as well as food, shelter and insurance. I think it would fulfill my urge to serve people, so i guess i have a lot of thinking to do in a few years. Just thinking out loud here.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Sorry i haven't posted in so long! A lot has been going on. I moved back with my mom last month! I also became an auntie on 26th Dec! "Lala" was 6lbs 4oz and 19in. She's just gorgeous! I've been knitting and crocheting some things for her since i found out she was a girl. I made her 2 hats; one crochet and one knit. And i've decided yesterday that sweetness needs a knit blankie from auntie Shelby. I've been working on that a lot and just got to the patterned part, it has to be done by Feb when i'll be seeing her. I can't wait! I've also started her library. I got her "Guess How Much I Love You" & "The Little Red Caboose", with plans of getting her lots more books and going through my old books to give her.

I'm also planning on reading a lot more this year. I've been spending too much time on the computer. I've set my goal for 25 books, but hope to read more. Unfortunately, all of my books are at my grandparents house, but i'll be getting some of them hopefully this month. Between reading, knitting/crocheting and working, i'll be one very busy girl!