Sunday, September 7, 2014

Depressing Genealogy

I've been doing genealogy work today on some German ancestors. I found that my 6th great grandfather had a first wife. Sadly, she died very young, as did all of their children.

Philipp Jacob Schwartz married Anna Margaretha Faath

They had:
Eva Margaretha (7 Oct 1774 - 15 Oct 1774)
Maria Magdalena (7 Oct 1774 - 11 July 1775)
Philipp (7 Oct 1774 - 15 Oct 1774)
Johann Adam (8 Feb 1777 - 29 Oct 1779)

Yes, that is a set of triplets, and they didn't have fertility medications back then. ;)

Anna Margaretha died when Johann Adam was just 5 months old. I can not imagine how much pain this couple must have gone through losing all of their children, then Philipp who also lost his wife. It must have been unbearable. It would be for me.