Wednesday, January 1, 2014

LuvUr Body Cup Review

 The LuvUr Body menstrual cup is quite a unique cup. It has raised flowers all around the outside of the cup, but not so raised that it is hard to clean. This menstrual cup comes in 3 colors - Dark Green, Red, and White and 2 sizes - Medium and Large.

The Medium is 45mm in diameter, 61.7mm in total length, stem is 20.3mm and capacity is 31ml.
The Large is 48mm in diameter, 56.7mm in total length, stem is 20.3mm and capacity is 34.5ml.

I think the LuvUr Body cup is one of the longest and highest capacity cups in the market. LuvUr Body is a Nigerian company with excellent customer service. Their cups are manufactured in Malaysia of 100% Medical Grade Silicone.

From the LuvUr Body site:

In deciding to make both our menstrual cup sizes ample in terms of volume, we realized that alot of women suffer from simply very heavy menstrual flow or such medical conditions such as hormonal imbalance, polyps, fibroids, endometriosis, pelvic inflammatory disease which all cause heavy menstrual periods. For such women obviously, the smaller cup brands will not adequately cater for their needs. A much larger menstrual cup is actually what they need.
In some ethnic communities in Africa where multiple births is the norm ie: having between 4-12 kids most times by natural birth with or without episiotomies larger sized cups will provide the much needed "better grip" against the vaginal muscle slackness that occurs over time. In some African countries where more advanced methods of contraception such as Nuva Rings, Diaphragms, Cervical caps, spermicides, birth control pills, Arm Implants, are not known or readily available the IUD and birth control injections are the primary form of contraception administered to women, it is also good to bear in mind that the IUD characteristically causes VERY HEAVY menstrual flow as a side effect. Most women that use them due to heavy flow may have to double pads or use 2-3 doubled pads to back-up a Super or Super plus tampon. Women that have fibroids and use IUD's will experience particularly very heavy menstrual flow.

Lovely cotton bag that comes with the Dark Green LuvUr Body cup

The LuvUr Body cup has 4 suction/air holes up under the rim. On the inside of the cup, there are little air vents around the holes. "LuvUr Body" is stamped on the inside rim of the cup. There are also measuring lines at 7.5ml and 15ml on the inside of the cup. If you find that the stem is a bit too long, you can trim it up to the ball part of the stem. The stem is a tad long for me, but it's too pretty for me to cut so i just left it. :) 

Close up of stem and flower grips on the bottom of cup.

Inside - You can see the air vents and LuvUr Body.

Measurement lines.

You can wear the LuvUr Body menstrual cup for up to 12 hours before emptying. I found on my heavy day that i could wear this cup for about 9.5 hours before emptying which is great for when you're out and about or at work/school! It is easy to insert and take out & very comfortable. I did have a little trouble with getting it to open - my cervix kept getting in the way - but i found that if i gave the cup a little turn, it opened easily. I like using the punchdown fold with this cup.  This is a good cup if your cervix gets lower while on your period as you still have ample capacity even when your cervix goes into the cup.


LuvUr Body cup. There is a gentle swell under the rim for extra capacity.

Punchdown fold

7 Fold

C Fold

The LuvUr Body Menstrual Cup costs about $32 and comes with a storage pouch and an instruction sheet in 18 different languages! You can purchase on the LuvUr Body site linked above or on Feminine Wear.