Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Corner start diagonal entrelac

I figured out how to make a corner start tunisian crochet entrelac blanket last night! Now i don't have to buy a pattern telling me how to do it! ;) I love the diagonal stripes. I think this blanket will go up on my Etsy shop when i'm finished with it.


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry, i've been busy with work. I hope to have it up at some point, but i don't know when.

    2. are you still planning on sharing with us how you do this? I've looked and can't find this version anywhere.
      thank you

    3. I plan to, but i still don't have it all written out so i can't promise when. It should be before i start school in Oct.

  2. I've been searching for this type of pattern! Have you shared this yet? I don't mind paying for the pattern. Thank you in advance!