Monday, December 2, 2013

Ruby Cup Review

Ruby Cup in its pouch.

This past month i tried out the Ruby Cup. Ruby Cup was designed in Denmark and is made of 100% Medical grade silicone. The Ruby Cup is FDA approved. The Ruby Cup comes in a nice cotton bag, seen above. This is a one-size cup. Its diameter is 45mm, length with stem is 68mm, length without stem is 51mm, and its capacity is 34ml. This cup has 4 suction holes near the rim of the cup. On the inside rim, Ruby Cup is stamped into the silicone. There are measuring lines in the inside of the body at 5ml, 10ml & 15ml.

Ruby Cup

Firmness of the Ruby Cup. It's very similar in firmness to the small Lunette. 

 The Ruby Cup comes with a double sided instruction sheet.

The packaging of the Ruby Cup is discreet when going through customs. It just states that it is a silicone cup.

Customs form on packaging.
Ruby Cup is a great company! For every cup purchased, they donate one cup to a school girl in Kenya helping her to stay in school. Often times the girls will miss school while on their periods because they don't have adequate protection. Ruby Cup helps them to stay in school so they can get a good education.

I love this cup! It is easy to insert and it pops open nicely. It has a bit of a hollow stem with fabulous grippy bumps on it!  I have to say, out of all of the cups i have tried, i think Ruby Cup has the best stem! I love it. The grip bumps are very helpful in wiggling the cup down. The silicone of the Ruby Cup has a matte like finish and feels a bit silky. I liked using the 7-fold with this cup, but you can use whichever one you're most comfortable with. The Ruby Cup was easy to clean, i had no trouble cleaning out the air holes. Going back to the stem, i like the length of it as well. I didn't need to trim it and found it to be the perfect length. You can trim it if it's a bit long for you (being careful not to put a hole in your cup), but i didn't need to.

Grip bumps on the stem. Raised ridges on the bottom of the cup to aid in removal.

Pretty flexible stem.

The Ruby Cup costs $37.00.
C fold

Punchdown fold

7 fold
You can find Ruby cup on Facebook & Twitter

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