Thursday, March 13, 2014

My first Orthodox Liturgy!

I attended my first liturgy at a Russian Orthodox church this past Sunday (9th March). It also happened to be the Sunday of Orthodoxy. It was awesome! The service was longer than a normal service because it was a special day. In the Russian Orthodox Church, there are no pews to sit down, only a handful of chairs for the elderly or infirm. I'm proud of myself that i stood the entire time! (The service was around 3 hours long). 

The chanting was amazing! This parish has some wonderful voices. The smell of the incense was familiar, but i couldn't place what the scent was. It was a very good experience. I really felt at home in this parish. I got a ride from a lovely local family. They were very nice. 

After liturgy, during coffee hour, i was introduced to Matushka and the Deacon (I forget their names). They were very nice and welcoming and hope to see me again. I didn't talk to the priest because he seemed busy and i hate being a bother. (I know, i know). But there is next time. :)

I will definitely go back! I am *completely* comfortable in my decision to convert to Orthodoxy. It's what i've been searching and longing for for years. <3 nbsp="" p="">

Here is a photo of me from last sunday. :)

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