Friday, July 24, 2009


Sorry i've been neglecting you! It hasn't been on purpose! Lots has gone on since i last posted. I've moved yet again, in with my sister, brother and sis' boyfriend 4 hours away from where i was before. (if i still haven't given you my new address and you want it, let me know). There was so much drama over there...i cane to visit my sister for a few weeks and basically got kicked out..don't ask me why..i don't know. But it was for the i wanted to live here anyway, there is no drama here and it's more no people fighting. I didn't feel wanted there anyway. Then a few weeks back there was some drama and i said that N (formerly SIL) was a bad mother. Which if you leave your kids sitting in their dirty diapers until you feel like changing them (it was often until they were sagging...a lot or until they poo'd), you are a bad mother. (that's just one example..). Anyway, that made them tell me that im not allowed around nephews anymore. That makes me sad, as i miss them a lot and i haven't even seen the baby in person (he was born May 13th), but i need the toxic people out of my life. (Nephews parents and some other people over there). It was a long time coming, and i don't feel that bad anymore, except that i do miss my nephews. I'm just tired of the drama lovers and liars over there. After i left, they've been spreading lies about me...telling my grandparents that i've been talking trash about them..thankfully my aunt set them straight. I wouldn't even have known about it if she didn't tell me what was going on. (I had deleted them off of my myspace weeks ago). Anyway, i hope that made some kind of sense. Hopefully i'll keep updating this more often!

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