Friday, October 16, 2009

Please PRAY for a mama friend of mine!

She has 10 children, a husband and is currently 18 weeks pregnant with #11, and was recently diagnosed with advanced lung cancer. She needs prayer! Here is the most recent update:

"Mary had fluid building around her heart and they performed an operation to drain that liquid. The doctors say there is nothing they can do to stop the cancer. They are trying to keep Mary alive for seven more weeks so her baby can be delivered. Mary, while heavily sedated, is alert at times; while she cannot talk because of the respirator, she does write a few words down and responds to questions by moving or squeezing her hand. Late last night the Lord gave me the opportunity to hear each of her kids tell her good night, I love you, come home soon… as Josue held the phone to her ear."

Her name is Mary Anaya and her husband is Josue. Their friend from here will be updating when she gets more information.

UPDATE 10/21: The baby passed away yesterday and they have taken Mary off of the respirator.

UPDATE 10/21 evening: Mary has passed away. Please continue to keep her family in your prayers.

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