Friday, November 25, 2011

Aubree's Hat

I made the chart for this hat not knowing who it was going to, except that it would be for a baby girl since it has flowers. When i found out that my cousin was expecting a baby girl in January, i knew this was the hat she would get. This is my first chart design.

Here's the Ravelry link - Hat for Aubree

If making an newborn hat, the chart will go twice around. You'll need 2 colors. I used a natural colored yarn and a deep purple. When following the chart at the beginning and end of a row, follow the placements on the chart rather than the stitch numbers or it will come out a couple stitches crooked. Not sure how to fix it, but it you follow the stitch placements on the chart, it will come out right. The last 2 stitches of the chart will always be in the main color, except the 1st and last row where you alternate MC & CC every other row.

I hope that doesn't sound too complicated, it really isn't!

Here's the pattern i made to go along with it. It should fit a newborn baby. The stranding makes it double thick, great for cold winters!

I used size 6 circulars and DPNs and worsted weight yarn. I used about half a skein of the MC and not very much of the CC. You could probably get 2 hats out of the MC.

Cast on 72.
Do 2x2 ribbing for 5 rounds (just under 1in).
Round 6 - knit
Start chart with round 7.
After last row on chart, knit 1 row in MC.
knit 5, k2tog
knit 4, k2tog
knit 3, k2tog
knit 2, k2tog
knit 1, k2tog
break yarn and pull through remaining loops. weave in ends.

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